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eIDAS regulation

On July 23, 2014, the Council of the European Union announced the final adoption of the new eIDAS regulation (Electronic Identification And Trust Services), regarding electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions within the internal market.

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The eIDAS regulation

Published on August 28, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union under the reference (EU) n° 910/2014, this text has been quite a change in the European legal project on trust services and electronic identification. As a reminder, it had not changed since the 1999 directive on electronic signatures. The eIDAS regulation is actually not a simple update of the directive: it repeals it and promises the emergence of a real pan-European market for digital trust. It’s precisely what was missing with the previous regulation. This new project should therefore allow users to fully benefit from a single and secure space for most electronic transactions in Europe.

13 key points to understand the eIDAS regulation

Paradoxically, the media have not been very talkative about that change. And it’s probably because of the complexity of the project. Acting as experts, we just had to point out the key aspects of the new regulation, with this white paper.

Entitled “What conclusions can be drawn from the European regulation on electronic signatures?”, this white paper analyses the new regulation through 13 key points:

  1. The application of a regulation is not an application of a directive
  2. A wider scope than the 1999 directive
  3. An electronic document is an evidence
  4. Security services accredited throughout Europe
  5. Recognition of trust lists
  6. Pan-European standardisation of the electronic signature
  7. The end of the smartcard dogma
  8. Conservation of face-to-face operations
  9. A mutual acknowledgement of electronic identification in Europe
  10. Creation of a new legal subject: the electronic signature of a legal person
  11. Timestamping introduced at European level
  12. Approval of the electronic signature
  13. The concept of storage services

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