Timestamp your 
documents for a
complete integrity

When you timestamp a document, you create an electronic stamp, called a timestamp token. This process contributes to ensuring the conservation probative value of signed documents. Universign qualified timestamp is legally recognised and complies with the European regulation (eIDAS).

It ensures the integrity of a document, date and time based on Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) with no possible modification from there.

Try Universign timestamp service

It works with any type of documents to:

  • Prove compliance with legal deadlines
  • Track emails
  • Date the intern intellectual creations
  • Date your conditions for online sales
  • Date the operations leading to paper invoices dematerialization
  • Guarantee the integrity of a dematerialized document part of a reliable copy process
  • Collect the timestamped proof file of an electronic document
  • Seal computing logs for evidences
  • Close online auctions
  • Sequence transactions on an electronic exchange platform

The Universign timestamp service offer

Universign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider offers easy to use trusted services. Universign provides timestamp and other professional services on-demand.

The Universign timestamp service guarantees the integrity of an electronic transaction and constitutes evidence in case of a legal challenge.

We offer you a non-binding and all-inclusive service.

Universign is part of the AATL program and its signatures are automatically recognised by Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® DC. Universign Saas solution is supported by secure IT infrastructure, designed to work with all IT environments. Our data centers in France guarantee a continuity of service and an optimal availability rate + 99,9% per year.

How does timestamp works?

So easy to use. Timestamp any documents for a complete integrity.

picto portail web

Timestamp via the web applicationSelect the file to timestamp. Once processed by the plateform, you can instantly download the timestamp token.

picto email

Timestamp emails and attachmentsTimestamp the emails and attached documents sent to your interlocutors.

picto api 1

Timestamp using our APIWith Universign API, your request and tracking are automatically covered to timestamp your documents.

The legal value of timestamp

The eIDAS regulation sets out the rules for the legal use of electronic timestamp procedures for each Member States of the European Union.

Universign, an eIDAS qualified Trust Service Provider, offers electronic timestamp services according to European regulations. It meets all of the following requirements:

  • It relates the date and time to the data so as to reasonably exclude the possibility of undetectable changes to the data
  • It is based on an exact clock related to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Obtaining a legally valid date and time reference requires the use of an eIDAS qualified Trust Services Provider (TSP) such as Universign.

The Universign electronic timestamp service is legally recognised and complies with the European regulations. Under the eIDAS Regulation, qualified trust services are provided by qualified trust service providers that are subject to regular audits by conformity assessment bodies. Universign is subject to it once every 2 years by LSTI, an organization accredited by ANSSI for carrying out audits. Our service therefore complies with the European standard ETSI EN 319 42.

We aim to protect your documents. We deliver compliant and secure trust services to enable fair digital transactions for everyone.
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