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The dematerialisation of HR processes is today a key economic issue for organisations. The electronic signature can dematerialise employment contracts or contract amendments. The Universign electronic seal enables the dematerialisation of expense reports. All the HR processes between the employee and their employer, can be dematerialised thanks to Universign. It upgrades HRIS reports and supports HR departments in their day-to-day work. Universign, an eIDAS qualified Trust Service Provider, offers easy to use trusted services. The Universign electronic signature is legally recognised and complies with European regulation (eIDAS). It guarantees the complete security and traceability of your dematerialised transactions.


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The key benefits of electronic signatures for your HR department 

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Securing contracting processes

Whether you need to have a contract signed by an employer or an employee, the electronic signature guarantees the integrity of an electronic transaction. It enables the identification of a signatory or the proof that he is the person he claims to be. It offers a digital experience while retaining the legal value of a handwritten signature.


Accelerating recruitment cyclesThe electronic signature gives new employees the opportunity to sign their employment contracts much faster than using handwritten signature. It simplifies the system, reinforces security and recruitment process is accelerated.


Simplifying work lifeAs they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Try the electronic signature to start with a much faster integration of new employees. It is legally recognised and complies with the European regulation (eIDAS). It upgrades your brand image. New employees will be convinced!

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Dematerialising HR processesThe electronic signature facilitates document management. It improves the HRIS features by automating various HR processes. Forget about printing and posting: electronic signatures have replaced postal shipments. Therefore, it reduces the risk of loss as all signed documents are stored online.

The Universign electronic signature dematerialises all HR documents

  • Recruitment and employment contracts: accelerate your recruiting process with the electronic signature! New employees can sign their contracts in just a few clicks wherever they are.

→ Our partners Quarks Up and Fastilog are HRIS editors. Thanks to them, employees can remotely sign and manage their documents: recruitment and employment contracts, payslips or even contract amendments.

  • Expense reports: it’s time to dematerialise the expense processes. Your employees can remotely declare their expenses and forget about paper receipts.

→ Our partners Mooncard, Lucca, E2time and Traveldoo also are HRIS publishers. They use our electronic seal on customers’ expense reports. It guarantees the integrity of documents, as well as date and time of transactions.

  • Job interviews: the electronic signature offers excellent traceability for exchanges.
  • Temporary employment contracts: every type of contract is concerned and can benefit from the electronic signature. Temporary employment agencies can see all the signatures from a single platform.
  • Corporate policies: stay tuned. Your employees can be informed of corporate policies. They can sign these electronically, in total compliance.
  • Confidentiality agreements: secure your exchanges during an interview. Candidates can sign confidentiality agreements in advance to guarantee total security.

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No more outdated, lost or illegible receipts… Thanks to Universign services, our Cleemy software offers the dematerialisation of the expense reports, with probative value.

Céline Bitauld
Lucca Communications Officer
pierre soussan quarks up

Universign is a comprehensive and intuitive solution for both our teams and customers. We improve our processes by dematerialising signatures and signed documents in just a few clicks. It’s very easy to use. Our customers appreciate it and we’re happy about that.

Pierre Soussan
Director at QuarksUp e-HR solution

Thanks to the FASTILOG employment contracts management module and the Universign electronic signature, we can prepare a contract in Clermont-Ferrand, have it signed in Lyon, make the pre-employment statement and add it to the HRIS in Paris… all within 30 minutes and without travelling!

Damien Werbrouck
IT Project Manager at Fastilog