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Whether it’s for the opening of an online bank account or for consumer credit signatures, banks are using electronic signatures. Indeed, users can prove the integrity of a signed document certifying the content has not been modified and ensuring the signatory’s identification. Universign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider, offers easy to use trusted services, including electronic signatures. Find out why banks should use Universign electronic signatures.

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The key benefits of electronic signatures in the banking industry


Securing banking transactionsUniversign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider, offers electronic signature services, qualified timestamp included. This process contributes to ensuring the conservation probative value of signed documents, especially when it concerns important transactions.


Upgrading productivitySave time and focus on your customer relationship. By using an electronic signature, you will not only boost team productivity but also client satisfaction.

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Improving management processesThe electronic signature improves the internal management of your documents, removing any risk of loss. It motivates greater traceability: documents are centralised and are available online from our SaaS platform. The date and time of transactions are guaranteed, along with the identification of signatories.


Reducing costsForget about printing, posting and storing. It’s time to save money with the electronic signature. It considerably reduces lead times and therefore, increases productivity.

Discover how banking industry benefits from the Universign electronic signature.

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Account opening

Know Your Customer (KYC) refers to the process institutions use to verify the identities of customers. It prevents from fraud or money laundering.

With the electronic signature, a new customer can remotely open a bank account, following all the online necessary processes. Identity can be checked using our services when creating digital certificate. This allows the customer to sign “newclient relation” contracts and opening account documents.

With the Universign API, the electronic signature can be perfectly integrated into a website or business software. Enjoy a simple and fluid user experience with an easy sale process.

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Credit or loan contracts
The electronic signature service is an essential tool as far as consumer credit and mortgages are concerned. The legal value of an electronic signature and the reliable identification process are essential here. Universign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider, offers easy to use trusted services. According to eIDAS regulation, three electronic signature levels are available: simple, advanced and advanced with qualified certificate. The more the security level of signature and identification are strong, the more the identification process is reliable.

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Subscription to savings or insurance productsDifferent types of insurance contracts may be electronically signed: home, auto, disability, death, or accidental insurance… For all these documents, our clients rely on the simple signature level. Its authentication is done through a code sent to signatories via SMS. For the other long-term savings products (life insurance or capital bonds), our customers mostly choose our advanced signature with qualified certificate. The protection of both borrowers and insurers protection is stronger because of the stronger identification.

Our solution can be adapted to multichannel environments where different signature levels may be required. Universign advanced electronic signature with qualified certificate also offers a high level of identification for more binding documents.

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Day-to-day management documentsThe electronic signature leads to a dematerialization of all management operations. It’s so easy each step can be remotely handled. When you electronically sign banking agreements, you can formalise authorisations and overdraft rates for your customers. You can also give your clients access to online accounts and mobile applications.

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Wealth managementCustomers who have subscribed to savings products must sign documents at least once a year, attesting their profile still complies with the product they have. The electronic signature respects the MiFID regulations which set that rule.

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We have quicky realised it was essential to offer our customers the choice of electronic signature. The results exceeded expectations.

Arnaud Colin
Product Manager, Younited Credit
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On the WiSEED plateform, 95% of the signatures are realised through Universign. It is almost unanimous.

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The Universign solution guarantees the documents integrity and authenticity. It both simplifies the subscription process and the KYC management.

Marketing executive, PARTICEEP
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Our White Paper 

To find out more, download our white paper : “The eIDAS regulation”