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Real estate professionals tend to dematerialize their processes, massively adopting the use of electronic signatures. It’s a very effective tool that can be used for sales agreements, visiting forms, inventories, rental contracts, or even selling mandates. It offers all the necessary guarantees: regulations and security of transactions, ensuring deadlines are respected. Universign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider, offers easy to use trusted services. The electronic signature is an essential tool to meet most of your needs.


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The key benefits of electronic signatures in the real estate business


Securing real estate transactions
The electronic signature prevents from fraud and reinforces the legal value of all your official documents. The Universign electronic signature simplifies your processes, reinforces security. Once approved then signed, a document can’t be modified without your consent. It enables the identification of a signatory or the proof that he is the person he claims to be.


Simplifying contracting processesForget about initialing or signing each page of leases and contracts. The Universign electronic signature guarantees the complete security and traceability of your documents. As you probably all know, a rental lease can easily contain more than 50 pages. That’s great benefit, isn’t it?


Reducing lead timesThe electronic signature perfectly meets the needs of real estate processes. You can easily dematerialize your contracts from the agency or remotely, facilitating exchange across geographical distances while improving customer satisfaction.


Reducing costsForget about printing, posting and storing. It’s time to save money with the electronic signature. It considerably reduces lead times and therefore, increases productivity.

Try a multi-device and cross-channel experience. You can switch from one to another during the process

transaction immobiliere

Signature of sales agreement during a real estate transactionImagine you can offer both sellers and buyers a perfect signature for sales agreements: that’s actually the Universign electronic signature promise. It is legally recognised and complies with the European regulation (eIDAS). It guarantees the complete security and traceability of your documents.

gestion locative

Signature of a sale or rental management mandate Experience an easy and dynamic way to close a deal during a meeting. Whatever the place, you can sign or get your documents signed from any devices, computer, tablet or smartphone.

etat des lieux

Instant signature of inventories or leasesYour tenant can sign inventories from any devices, computer, tablet or smartphone or directly face-to-face. The Universign electronic signature guarantees the integrity of an electronic transaction and constitutes evidence in case of a legal challenge.


Guarantor signatureSave time and secure your transaction while being physically absent. Electronic signatures can be very useful when the guarantors can’t be present.

souscription en ligne

Online or telephone subscription to a service provisionNeed to publish real estate ads? Let’s sign service provision contracts instantly thanks to Universign.

Integrate the electronic signature into your website to dematerialize many operating processes (administration, purchasing, management, HR, etc.). The electronic signature also improves the management of your documents, whether internally or externally focused. The electronic signature can be used for your purchase orders, invoices, employment contracts, expense reports…

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We needed to integrate an embedded solution into our system. We wanted to improve our productivity, according to legal regulations. Universign completely fulfilled our requirements.

Mickaël Chrupek
Digital Director at Digit RE Group
alain duffoux president snpi 300x300

I’m so glad to say that the SNPI acts as a precursor. It offers a unique and innovative electronic signature service to its members.

Alain Duffoux
SNPI President
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Our White Paper

To find out more, download our white paper : “The eIDAS regulation”