Universign electronic
signature, the easiest and
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Welcome to Universign, an eIDAS qualified Trust Service Provider. Our SaaS platform provides electronic signature, electronic seal and timestamp services.

Discover our non-binding offers available through the Web App as well as the API. Choose the right electronic signature plan for you: pay-per-use or multi-signature pack. 

Universign electronic signatures trusted by more than 11 000 organizations

Our electronic signature service

We offer you a non-binding and all-inclusive service, choose the right electronic signature plan for you: pay-per-use or multi-signature pack.


Unlimited number of users 

money free

No set-up fees 


Qualified timestamp included with each signature 

niveau de signature

Choice of signature level 


Customer support included 

sms authentification

Document conservation with probative value

conservation document

SMS authentication code

service accompagnement

Professional services on-demand

attestation de signature

Signature certificate and evidence file 

Universign electronic signature benefits


Securing your transactions Universign is an eIDAS qualified Trust Service Provider. Your documents have legal value and we guarantee the traceability of your digital transactions. 


Simplifing your processes No need to print or scan your documents: dematerialization is 100% successful thanks to the electronic signature!  


Reducing delay  Few seconds are enough to sign a contract. The documents are signed instantly, all you need is an internet access.


Saving costs Processing time, printing, shipping, archiving… save time and money, increase your productivity.

Use cases

Online, remotely or face-to-face, whatever the place, the time or the situation, the electronic signature is essential to contracting. It is now a central business tool and it meets the most diverse needs.



Insurance  Upgrade your optimisation of subscription processes 

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BankingReinvent customer relationship 

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Real EstateSimplify your transactions  

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Industry Secure your operating processes 
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Sales Close more deals
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Human ResourcesSpeed up your hiring process 
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achats finance

Purchase FinanceSecure your alliances management 
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marketing margauxdigitalkorner fr

MarketingCreate a successful customer experience 
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Sign and get documents signed instantly and efficiently!

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Upload your documents Invite signatories, indicate where their signatures must appear and send the document(s).

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Sign and get your documents signed Each signatory gets an invitation by email and can sign using a 4-digit code received by sms.

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Store your documents Each document is stored securely by our conservation service with probative value.