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The e-commerce market is growing so fast, it is continually expanding. It’s time to optimise your online sales processes by offering a simple and intuitive customer experience. The electronic signature perfectly fits whether you’re dealing with B2B, B2C or B2B2C relations. It offers real competitive benefits and considerably reduces costs and lead times.

As an eIDAS qualified Trust Service Provider, Universign can bring simplicity of integration and quality of user experience to every organisation.


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The key benefits of electronic signatures for your customer relations 


Improving sales efficiency

To ensure responsiveness, the electronic signature allows you to sign instantly and remotely. It’s an effective tool to optimise business performance. Customers are less likely to abandon the transactions and it improves their satisfaction.


Securing your transactionsThe Universign timestamp service guarantees the integrity of an electronic transaction and constitutes evidence in case of a legal challenge. This process contributes to ensuring the conservation probative value of signed documents and the identification of the signatory – with SMS authentication. It’s included in each signature.

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Improving the customer experienceThe electronic signature is a key element for a successful customer experience. It’s so easy to integrate and to use our solution to an online sales process. It upgrades your brand image. Customers will be convinced!


Reducing costsForget about printing, posting and storing. It’s time to save money with the electronic signature. It considerably reduces lead times and therefore, increases productivity.

Try the Universign electronic signature to upgrade sales transactions

The electronic signature offers various opportunities for sales organisations and online sales businesses.

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The electronic signature reinvents the online customer experience

Being customer-centric. That’s the strategy. Companies that put the customer at the heart of their organisation are experiencing an increase in customer lifetime value. What if we try together? The electronic signature integrates easily into a website, to offer subscription services, direct-debit payment or online sales. Customers can sign their contracts in just a few clicks wherever they are. All they need is an internet access! The customer journey becomes so easy. The electronic signature accelerates and simplifies processing times. It simply upgrades the customer satisfaction to the next level.

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The remote signature significantly boosts sales efficiencyCustomers can remotely sign thanks to our electronic signature. It integrates very easily into any CRM through our API. For instance, telesales teams can send quotations directly from their CRM. It’s an effective strategy to close deals faster and to satisfy their clients. You can easily dematerialise your contracts from the agency or remotely, facilitating exchange across geographical distances while improving customer satisfaction.

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The face-to-face signature: a phygital experience

The dematerialisation of administrative processes is quite a revolution. It brings tools and technologies which improve the customer’s experience whether in a store or on the move.

The electronic signature upgrades customer relationship. Our tool is particularly well suited to mobile devices and physical points of sale (dealerships, shops, real estate etc.). No need to collect signatures afterwards, deals can be concluded during a meeting. It offers a digital experience while retaining the value of a handwritten signature. Try it from a computer, mobile or tablet. Our services comply with your omnichannel strategies and simplify your customer journeys. You only choose the right level of signature according to your transactions

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With the Electronic signature we save from 15 to 20 minutes on each contract.

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Students can directly register online from our website. This direct link improves our customer satisfaction.

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The Universign solution guarantees the documents integrity and authenticity. It both simplifies the subscription process and the KYC / KYB management.

Marketing executive, PARTICEEP