Electronic seal

Ensure the integrity and provenance of documents signed by your company with Universign’s electronic seal

Electronic seal

Sign all paperless documents with your company name, for an irrefutable legal value.

  • Issuance of electronic certificates for legal persons

  • Centralised electronic seal management

Sign with your company’s name

Integrity and origin of your documents guaranted


Use a signature certificate with your company’s name, without a mobile phone, to sign your invoices, quotes and other official documents.

• Integrate the electronic seal into a kinematic including the electronic signature of natural persons.

• The signature of legal persons can only be done via the Universign API.


Reinforce the legal value of your company’s documents to avoid all risk of a dispute over their integrity and origin.

• Benefit from a reliable and secure solution to guarantee that all documents issued by your company remain compliant over time.

• Anticipate the regulatory obligation to issue electronic invoices (Macron 2015 Act)

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