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The electronic signature offers many opportunities for industry players. You can use it in each industrial step: design, production, sales or maintenance. The electronic signature dematerializes the processes. Users can prove the integrity of a signed document certifying the content has not been modified and ensuring the signatory’s identification. Universign, an eIDAS Trust Service Provider, offers easy to use trusted services, including electronic signatures.


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The key benefits of electronic signatures for the industry players. 

With the Universign API, the electronic signature can be perfectly integrated into a website or a business software. Enjoy a simple and fluid user experience with an easy sale process.


Dematerializing your processes 
It’s easy to simplify your operating processes as sales and support, purchasing, services. The electronic signature makes life easier and ensures better security and traceability for your documents.

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Developing e-commerce platforms  It’s essential to provide the right level of security especially in the industry sector. Whether you have an online catalogue, a sophisticated design system platform or a traditional e-commerce website, you have to ensure your sales. You just have to use our signature services during the online subscription step.


Securing technical documents Secure your documents throughout the production cycles with Universign electronic signature. It guarantees their origin and their content. It also certifies the integrity of documents.


Optimizing maintenance and operations processes For after-sales services, you can ensure the probative value and authenticity of your maintenance documents, receipts or test and analysis reports. The electronic signature of a technician ensures the regulatory compliance and legal value of your documents.

The Universign electronic signature covers the entire industry sector

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Automotive industryManufacturers want to develop online purchasing processes in which our electronic signature can be very easily integrated. It brings a perfect customer experience online. The Universign signature also improves the customer experience in showrooms. It’s perfectly suited to purchase vehicles from dealerships. Financing contracts can be easily signed.

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Food industry

These industry players need to innovate and rethink the supplier/distributor/consumer relationship.

Our electronic signature can be integrated into any e-commerce platform or business software. It provides a perfect user experience. Therefore, it upgrades the supplier relationship, especially when it concerns contract signatures, managed by a purchasing department with an ERP system or software.


ConstructionThrough the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the sector has developed innovative products and services for modelling sites in 3D. And that also concerns the dematerialized management of maintenance sites or buildings. Our signature is an essential tool to dematerialize the transactions associated with these services. This guarantees the traceability of customer and supplier exchanges.


RailwayThis industry sector needs to meet the needs of its partners and users. It must add new value-added services. Whether it’s online subscriptions, signing contracts for goods transport, provision of infrastructure maintenance or supply of equipment, our electronic signature is now an essential business tool and it meets most of your needs.

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Electronic signatures have replaced postal shipments. Compliance certificates for gas installations are stamped on the very same day they are received. It’s quite a revolution for our contractor clients.

Gilbert Breton,
Qualigaz IS Director
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