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At Universign, there’s a place for every talent! Based on this firm belief, we offer a huge variety of careers and recruit daring candidates who draw on their experiences to develop themselves and help their teams progress. 


Key figures 

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Female-Male equality index

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Recruitment at Universign 

Our commitments 


Respect for equality opportunitiesapplications are considered objectively, with a focus on candidates’ know-how and interpersonal skills above all else.


Transparency and feedback the recruitment process stages are made clear from our first contact. At each stage of the process, the candidates we get in touch with will receive feedback on the progress of their application and their quality of their presentation.


Responsivenessour team is fully mobilised to ensure that the recruitment process is as suitable and efficient as possible. On average, the recruitment process is carried out over 4 to 5 stages, with a maximum of 3 interviews. 

Our recruitment process 



  • whether it’s in response to a job vacancy or a spontaneous application, all applications are considered by our recruitment team. We make sure that each one receives a response from our team, even if they have not been successful. If we choose to progress with your application, we’ll be in touch within 15 days. 

Our advice: don’t forget that, above all, your CV is your “window display”. Focus on both the form and the content. From our first contact, you’ll have the opportunity to show us that you align with our values of “excellence and high standards”. 

entretien tel

Phone interviewThis prequalification step aims to ensure that the role we’re offering matches what you’re looking for.  

Our advice: We take care to plan this meeting. Prepare yourself: study our company and the role applied for, prepare your questions and get yourself in the right frame of mind (calm and focused).  

entretien rh

HR interview
We will then offer you a meeting with our HR team to allow you to present your experience and achievements in more detail. Your interviewer will try to understand your experience, your goals and the skills you’ve been able to develop. Your personality will also be an essential element for our consideration.  

Our advice: At Universign, our motto is “Work Must Be Fun”. We don’t just recruit skills, we recruit personalities. Show us who you are! 


Test and/or case study Whatever the role, you’ll be given the chance to demonstrate your know-how. Depending on what position you’re applying for, the exercise can either be carried out in your home or at our premises. This exercise will allow us to better understand the level of your abilities.  

Our advice: We understand that you have a limited knowledge of our environment. Concentrate on the methodology: that’s what will help you to stand out! 

entretien op

Operational interviewsAt this stage, you’ll meet with your future manager and possibly with some colleagues. The aim is, above all, to see how you’ll be able to work together, to compare your visions, and for you to get to know the culture of our company in a little more detail. 

Our advice: “Innovation is not a choice”: we’re looking for employees ready to fit in with our teams, but who are also capable of acting as a driving force and helping us to develop. 

final answer

Final decision

Each stage must be approved in order to carry out the entire recruitment process. After each stage, you will be informed of whether or not you have been successful. 
If you receive good feedback at the end of the recruitment process, we will make you an offer. In the event of a positive response, we will inform you of our offer of employment at this interview. 

Our advice: Prepare to make your decision. On average, we’ll give you a maximum period of 48 hours to decide after delivering our offer of employment.  

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