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09 December 2019
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The European eIDAS regulation has enabled companies and public organisations to use an electronic seal for signing documents. It acts as a genuine electronic signature for a legal entity, providing a guarantee of the source and the integrity of a document. As a certified Trust Service Provider (TSP), in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation, our trust services, including electronic seals, guarantee compliant, secure and fair digital transactions. Keep on scrolling to find out about the key features of electronic seals!

An electronic seal is the digital version of a company stamp.

Electronic seals and regulations
An electronic seal needs to satisfy the following requirements :

  • Be unambiguously connected to the creator of the seal;
  • Effectively identify the creator of the seal;
  • Be created with data which the creator may, with a high level of confidence, use under their control to create an electronic seal;
  • Be linked to the data with which it is associated in such a way that any later modification of the data would be detectable.

We also offer advanced seals with qualified certificates to provide a maximum level of identification for legal entities.

Electronic seals secure your company documents

Electronic seals guarantee the integrity and source of all kinds of digital files[lc1] . They also offer an additional guarantee in terms of the integrity of the documents. Electronic seals offer proof that the information within a document has not been modified since its creation, while reinforcing its legal value to avoid any dispute regarding its integrity or origin.

Our advanced seals and advanced seals with qualified certificates reinforce the legal value of your professional digital documents. Use them now for your company:

What kinds of documents can be signed with an electronic seal?

Electronic seals can be used to sign a wide range of different documents, including :

  • Invoices;
  • Quotes;
  • Diplomas;
  • Intellectual property documents (plans, etc.);
  • Expense reports;
  • Financial reports, and more.

What devices do I need to use an electronic seal?

Ease of use is the very essence of electronic stamps. Once you’ve created your certificate, it can then be easily used with your business software by integrating it using API Universign. It is 100% digital to provide the user with the smoothest experience possible.
And there is one final thing to mention before you contact us… if you’d like to make the most of the opportunities provided by electronic seals, we recommend that you use a TSP certified in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. Such a provider will have to comply with French regulation and offer an electronic seal service that strictly conforms to the European regulatory framework to provide an essential level of security for your digital transactions. 

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