Digitisation of HR: use electronic signatures for signing your work contracts !

02 December 2019
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The digital transformation of human resources is paving the way to electronic management of all HR documents. The digitisation of these documents is becoming more and more important, helped by a favourable legal framework. The employment law that came into effect in France on 1 January 2017 enabled employers to send electronic payslips to their employees. Employment contracts are also directly affected by digitisation, due to the use of electronic signatures. This can also enhance the performance of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) by automating a number of different HR processes. As a certified Trust Service Provider (TSP), in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation, all of our trusted services comply with current regulations, our electronic signature service in particular. So what is the reality behind the digitisation of the HR sector and what role do electronic signatures play in this? We will attempt to answer this question in the following article.

Are you the managing director of a company or an HR manager who wants to offer your employees modern and user-friendly HR services, or maybe secure and fast contract processes? Well look no further, digitisation is THE solution of the future (and the present). It enables the human resources sector to see its organisation in a new light while also making all business processes more efficient, with employees being the main beneficiaries.

Electronic signatures offer increased security to contract processes

Electronic signatures are a key element in contract processes between a company and their employees. Whether it be a contract signed by an employer or an employee, they offer proof of:

  • The integrity of the signed document, guaranteeing both the company and the employee that the content of a contract has not been modified;
  • The signatory’s identification, proving that they are indeed who they say they are.

Thanks to these two guarantees provided by our electronic signature solution, a digital employment contract has the same legal value as its paper predecessor in the eyes of the law. 

Electronic signatures and employment contracts: how does it work?

When an employment contract is sent to a future employee, they will receive an email asking them to sign it. They will then receive a text message with a code that they can use to authenticate and sign the contract. Once the document has been signed, a copy will be sent to the employer and the employee. Electronic signatures can also be easily integrated into your HRIS via API, enabling you to automate expenses and payslip management processes. Once they’ve been signed, documents can be automatically consolidated into HR software.

Do you work in HR and want to digitise your processes? 

Electronic signatures make life easier for employees
Using electronic signatures for HR administration documents provides considerable improvements to the employee user experience, while simultaneously guaranteeing that all contractual documents are secure and comply with regulations

Employees can easily sign and manage various different kinds of documents:

  • Employment offers: the recruitment process will be faster as the future employee will be able to sign online without travelling;
  • Employment contracts: future employees can even sign these kinds of documents online in a single click;
  • Expense reports;
  • Job interviews: provides traceability for exchanges with candidates;
  • Contract amendments.

In addition to simplifying the day-to-day lives of employees, electronic signatures also digitise all contract processes. They offer many different benefits to HR departments:

  • They improve contract management procedures particularly by reducing the need to exchange documents by post or email;
  • They reduce the risk of documents getting lost as everything is stored online;
  • They make document management easier. 

Electronic signatures are ideal for recruitment

Electronic signatures, integrated into a company’s global digitisation process, enables employers to reduce legal risks when hiring a new employee and waiting for them to start, due to how quickly the key administrative procedures in the hiring process are completed. Electronic signatures thus help to significantly reduce the rate of candidate withdrawal.

Furthermore, they can help to modernise a company’s brand image as part of an employer brand strategy. They also optimise the experience for candidates during the recruitment process by allowing them to sign their employment contracts quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home, without the need to travel.

Electronic signatures also offer major savings to companies by reducing the costs of paper supplies, printing, postage and filing.

While electronic signatures should be used more widely by French employers and public organisations, many large companies and temporary employment agencies are already beginning to use them. They are a wise choice as they guarantee the security of contracts, are simple to use and quick to complete, for both employers and new employees.

Digitise your employment contracts now! 

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