The electronic signature, it’s simple !

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Just like a paper signature, the electronic signature has the only objective of demonstrating, to a third party, that a digital document has been approved by a clearly identified person … The productivity and security gains related to dematerialization in addition!

The electronic signature is to a digital document, which the handwritten signature is to a paper document. Moreover, it must be known that today, the written form signed in electronic form is admitted as evidence in the same way as written paper.

The electronic signature represents a reliable engagement mechanism using cryptographic techniques. It is now useless to print a document to sign it when you can just use an electronic signature software!

The electronic signature for companies

The electronic signature offers many advantages for both companies and individuals. On the one hand, it can improve working methods, optimize internal management processes and offer a stronger customer experience.

In an increasing context of digital transformation in which more and more companies are trying to make their way, electronic signatures represent one of the essential levers to meet the stakes of dematerialisation and digitization.

It is interesting to recall the benefits of the electronic signature:

– Securing trade with strong legal recognition and traceability of documents,
– Reduced processing times,
– The reduction of travel,
– Reducing costs with the removal of postal charges and archiving
– Contributing to an eco-responsible image of their company
– A simplified customer experience

It is clear that the implementation of the electronic signature brings positive points at all levels, whether in terms of cost, production or profitability (some companies see reductions of up to 40%), Or to answer environmental problems of eco-responsible company.

A new legal framework since July 2016

In order to promote the adoption of electronic signatures and accelerate the dematerialization of processes, the European Commission has put in place the eIDAS regulation, applicable since 1 July 2016.

This new transnational regulation lays the groundwork for a “digital trust” single market by promoting the harmonization of electronic signatures, interoperability between countries and actors, and harmonizing the electronic signature creation processes.

The electronic signature for individuals

The electronic signature is also perfectly adapted to everyday use for individuals or the practical actions of everyday life. Whether to sign a contract for childcare, gardener, music theory… An online electronic signature solution like Universign is simple, easy and at the same legal value as the classic “handwritten “signature.

At the time of the first vacation starts, it would be interesting to know the number of people who know that they can electronically sign their rental contract. It’s entirely possible !

2 thoughts on “The electronic signature, it’s simple !

  1. I think digital signature is important for time cheat. Some department at my office should follow the rule about installation signature. If we can not have the apps on us laptop that will be a punishment. I think this will make a job more easier and faster. stiply.nl

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