Webinar – At the time of the omnicanal, adopt the electronic signature to secure your digital transactions !

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Cryptolog will participate in a webinar organized by our partner ITESOFT, Tuesday March 31, 2015 from 5 pm to 6 pm. We will show you how electronic signatures can speed up your marketing process and help you fighting against fraud.

From customer relationship…

Digital transformation, which is widely embraced in all sectors of activity, has profoundly transformed customer relations : new uses, omnicanal customer interaction, online contracting, stronger customer expectations …

A challenge emerges : to dematerialize as much as possible exchanges, in order to optimize the process of customer acquisition and increase the conversion rate … in short optimize your sales and secure your transactions !

…To the digital transaction

In the same way, the digital revolution increases your exposure to risk and fraud, particularly regarding your purchasing-supplier process : hence the need to verify the integrity of your contractual documents (invoices incoming suppliers, purchase orders etc.)

A solution to secure your customer and financial processes: the electronic signature

The electronic signature meets these challenges of risk management and security, both for customer relations and suppliers.

Tuesday 31 March at 5 pm : 1 expert meeting to better understand

Cryptolog and its partner ITESOFT, world-renowned as an innovator of documents’ dematerialization and process automation solutions, will present to you the extent to which electronic signatures accelerate your marketing process and combat fraud.

Program :

– What is electronic signature?
– What the law says ?
– How does the electronic signature fit into the automation of your customer processes and purchasing-suppliers?
– What are your needs ? (Non-repudiation of documents, integrity of documents, archiving of probative value …)
– And concretely : what function?
– Illustrations via customer cases

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