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You no longer need to print out documents in order to sign them. Upload your document to Universign, invite all the signatories by email, and click Send! You will then receive the signed contract in your mailbox once it has been signed by all the relevant parties. Collecting signatures has never been so easy…

Paris, April 26th, 2012 – Cryptolog, a software company providing innovative electronic signature, timestamping and identity management solutions, is delighted to announce Version 4 of its online platform www.universign.eu. This complete overhaul of Universign aims to do away with hundreds of years of handwritten signatures, as the first platform in France open to both private individuals and businesses. Universign provides all the unique and extremely simple features of electronic signature. Users of the site can get all kinds of documents signed electronically by their correspondents and add a “Sign” button to their website just as they would add any online payment service.

Get documents signed online

Universign lets you save time and have your correspondents sign all sorts of documents, such as :
  • Purchase orders and quotes
  • Rental agreements (cars, apartments, etc.)
  • Business contracts, partnerships, etc.
  • Membership forms, minutes from meetings, etc.
  • NDAs
  • And many other documents as well !
Signing a purchase order between two parties often takes several days as the contract is sent back and forth through the mail. Universign, on the other hand, allows multiple individuals – who may be spread out all around the world – to sign the same document in minutes.
Three steps are all it takes to have a document signed online with Universign. In just a few clicks, you can request your signature and track its progress online :
1/ Upload a PDF document
2/ Enter the names of the signatories
3/ Mark the place on the document where the signatories must put a visible signature
4/ Click Send !
Each signatory, in turn, is invited by email to come and sign the document on the Universign platform. Once it has been signed by all the parties involved, the document is sent to each signatory by email: they can then check the validity of the electronic signatures in Adobe Reader.
With this new version of Universign, adding a “Sign” button to a web site is now just as easy as adding an online payment service and takes only slightly longer than the time needed to add a Facebook button. Thanks to a documented API, Universign customers can integrate an electronic signature service to their web site in just a few hours and immediately have visitors to their site sign all types of PDF documents: contracts, purchase orders, membership forms, various types of authorization, etc.
«Both in the BtoB and BtoC worlds, the needs and expectations are enormous. In the e-commerce sector alone, we can now buy and sell everything on the web, pay in a few clicks, have items delivered, track the progress of our orders… everything, unfortunately, except sign a contract! Currently, electronic signature is undoubtedly the missing element for e-commerce and m-commerce. And our platform is there to help fill that gap.», said Julien Stern, CEO and co-founder of Cryptolog.

Availability :

This service is available from today at www.universign.eu. When they open an account, all new users receive 10 free signatures to enable them to test the service.
About electronic signature
Electronic signatures ensure the integrity of the document that has been signed, the identity of the signatory, and the non-repudiation by the signatory of the document that has been signed. An electronic signature is, for a digital document, the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature.

About Cryptolog

Cryptolog is a software company at the forefront of innovation in the fields of electronic signature, timestamping and long-term proof management. With its cloud-based electronic signature platform Universign; Cryptolog continues towards its goal of breaking with market practices in order to bring electronic signature services within reach of everyone. www.cryptolog.com – www.universign.eu

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