Cryptolog – Universign enters at FNTC administration council.

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As a major player in electronic signature and trusted services in France since 2001, Cryptolog, in the person of Julien Stern, its president, has just joined the board of directors of the Federation of Third Parties of Trust.

Cryptolog, a trusted third party and a leading publisher of electronic signatures, is pleased to announce the election of its chairman, Julien Stern, to the Board of Directors of the FNTC.

It was on the occasion of the partial renewal of Collège 1, that of publishers and trusted third parties certified and certified, that the candidature of Julien Stern was proposed and validated.

Julien Stern created Cryptolog in 2001, with his brother Alexandre Stern. Since 2009, he has taken over the management of the company. In particular, he orchestrated the launch of Universign, the SaaS platform of trusted and electronic signature services from Cryptolog, which is a real commercial success in the French market for large and medium-sized companies.

For several years, Julien Stern has been recognized in the sector and by his peers as one of the European experts in electronic signature, particularly thanks to his involvement with ETSI. Cryptolog is also the first and only time-stamping authority certified by RGS in France. As the main architect of this unique certification, Julien Stern legitimately finds his place in the FNTC Board of Directors.

“I am delighted to be able to contribute actively to the indispensable action of the Federation of Third Parties of Trust. Trust, in digital, is one of the keys to its development for all and its appropriation by all, and we have an important role to play ” said Julien Stern, President of Cryptolog.

In order to promote techniques and methods, to guarantee confidence in the digital world and foster knowledge of best practices, build confidence in tomorrow’s digital and to support public institutions are the actions of the FNTC.

About FNTC

La Fédération des Tiers de Confiance (FNTC) brings together a number of professional suppliers and / or users of digital services: institutions, companies of various sizes, start-ups and technical and legal experts. Created in 2001 by a group of institutional actors and service providers following the law of 13 March 2000, in order to structure the emerging digital exchanges, the FNTC is now extending its action at the international level with all players wishing to develop confidence in the digital world, whether in Europe,Francophone countries or around the world

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