Bring the irrefutable proof of the integrity of your documents with Universign’s timestamp


Timestamp all kinds of electronic documents.

Add irrefutable evidence to their integrity.

  • Issuance of timestamping tokens 

+ compatible with RFC 3161 standards,

+ certified compliance with ETSI EN 319 421

+ certified compliance with eIDAS regulations.

Timestamp your documents

for a complete integrity


Protect your documents by directly timestamping them online from the Universign platform.

• Load the documents from the interface and instantly obtain timestamped documents.

• Perfectly adapted for specific electronic dating operations; online timestamping allows you to manually timestamp all kinds of documents and to verify that documents have been accurately timestamped.


Electronically seal and date your emails and attached files in a reliable and forgery-proof manner.

• Time stamp electronic mails that you send to your contacts: your emails will be electronically sealed and dated in a reliable and forgery-proof manner by our qualified timestamping service.

• Use emails as evidence admissible to court in dispute cases with the recipients of these messages.


Use the Universign timestamping service via an API directly integrated into your business applications or in your company IT settings.

• Automatically process large volumes of documents and take advantage of embedded timestamping for PDF documents.

• The Universign solution can easily and quickly be integrated into customer environments and offers a wide scope of settings and multiple purposes.

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