Specific terms of use of electronic seal service

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The purpose of these Specific Terms of Use (STU) is to define the conditions for accessing and using the Electronic Seal Service. They supplement the ToU of Universign services on which they take precedence and the Certification Policy.

Before any use of the Service, the User shall acknowledge:

  • that they have read these STU;
  • that they have the legal competence and authorizations to commit to the terms of these STU;
  • that they accept the STU without reserve.

The acceptance of the User is materialized by clicking on the check box on the Website at the time of the creation of a User account.

These STU are made available to them by Universign on its website. They can be downloaded in PDF format.


  • Certification Authority (CA): refers to the authority in charge of the creation, the issuance, the management and the revocation of Certificates in accordance with the Certification Policy.
  • Electronic Seal: Designates a process which guarantees the origin and the integrity of the Document on which it is liked.
  • Electronic Certificate or Certificate: designates the electronic file issued by the Certification Authority comprising the identification details of its Certificate’s Holderand a cryptographic key to allow the verification of the Electronic Seal for which it is used.
  • Qualified Certificate: means a certificate meeting the requirements of Article 28 or 38 of European Regulation No. 910/2014 of 23 July 2014
  • Certification Policy (CP): refers to the set of rules to which the CA conforms in order to implement the certification service.
  • Certificate Holder: designates the natural person or legal entity, identified in the Certificate having under their control the private key corresponding to the public key
  • Service: refers to the set of services and software solutions that Universign undertakes to provide to the User under the terms of this instrument.


The service allows the User to seal Documents in PDF format using Certificates and their associated cryptographic key.

Article 1.1. – Access to the Service

Access to the service requires:

  • Adapted software equipment and materials to access the Service;
  • A User Account;
  • A Certificate of legal person associated with cryptographic keys in accordance with one of the Certification Policies mentioned herein.

Use of the Service through the API requires the IT system of the User to be configured in accordance with the requirements of the Documentation.

The Documentation is supplied by Universign upon request of the User after the creation of their account.

Article 1.2. – Service usage

The User sends the Document to be sealed to the Service, through the API, in accordance with the Documentation.

In response to the User’s query, the Service sends the Document on which the Electronic Seal has been linked.

Article 1.3. – Usage restrictions

The Service makes it possible to create an Electronic Seal on a Document. It must not be used as proof of the consent of the Certificate’s Holder of the Certificate used for the Electronic Seal. The Electronic Seal is not an electronic signature within the meaning of European regulations.


The Service allows two categories of Electronic Seals, the legal effects of which are acknowledged by the applicable regulations in European Union.

2.1. Electronic seal level 1

The Electronic Seals Level 1 are created using Certificates compliant with the standard ETSI EN 319 411-1 which provides in particular for the possibility of remote verification of the Certificate Holder’s identification data.

2.2  Electronic seal level 2

The Electronic Seals Level 2 category are created using Certificates compliant with the requirements of the standard ETSI EN 319 411-2.


Subject to compliance by the User with the applicable ToU and STU, Universign guarantees the enforceability, within the meaning of European regulations, of the Electronic Seals created through the Service.

Universign does not guarantee that the Service is suited to the needs of the User. It is the responsibility of the User to verify this suitability, in particular by making sure that the provisions of the Certification Policy meet their own requirements.


The User also undertakes to verify that the sealed Document is the one that was sent to Universign for the creation of an Electronic Seal.

The Service does not keep an archive of the sealed Documents.


The User undertakes to provide Universign with accurate information for the use of the Service.

Archiving the Documents is the sole responsibility of the User.


Universign undertakes to comply with the policies and standards listed in the following table. ETSI EN 319 411-1 CP for the certificates of legal entities, level LCP ETSI EN 319-411-2 CP for the certificates of legal entities, level QCP-l

These policies are published on the publication Website; they are audited according to the standard EN 319 403 by an accredited organization.

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