The SNPI sets up the Universign’s electronic signature

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SNPI is moving closer to Universign and offers its members a unique on-line electronic signature service for all contractual documents. As a precursor, SNPI is the first real estate union to offer this innovative service to its members.

Within the member area of www.snpi.com, real estate professionals will have easy access to an electronic signature service, which will be based on the secure platform of Universign and will also work on tablet.
Thus, all members of SNPI will be able to sign visits vouchers directly on the shelf, from the end of the visit, distance sales orders or even residential leases.

Through this online service, SNPI allows its members, real estate professionals, time savings, efficiency and fluidity in customer relations. To enable a quick and easy handling, Universign experts will accompany SNPI in its information procedures with its members for an effective increase in the dematerialization of the contractual relationship.

About 2015 Universign-SNPI partnership

“I am particularly pleased that SNPI will be a pioneer in this field and offers its members a unique and innovative electronic signature service,” welcomes Alain Duffoux, President of the SNPI.

“We are proud to support the SNPI in the direction of digital trust and to allow real estate professionals to dematerialize their contractual relations with confidence” says Julien Stern, President of Universign.

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