SFR deploys Cryptolog solution for paperless contracts

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The mobile telephone operator has chosen to deploy Cryptolog’s dematerialisation and certified archiving solutions for « e-contracts » signed by their retail customers.

SFR has chosen Cryptolog to carry out the dematerialisation of contracts signed in its network of sales outlets.

This collaboration means that progressively, and from now on, SFR customers will be able to sign a contract electronically, when subscribing to SFR’s mobile telephone services, instead of using pen and ink. The network operator will therefore be able to make considerable savings in storing and archiving contracts, whilst retaining the possibility of consulting these documents at any given time, even decades after their creation and with a guarantee of validity – something which will prove particularly reassuring for SFR’s clients.

For Cryptolog, this new partnership agreement with SFR validates its strategy of proposing a complete range of products, from the advanced electronic signature of documents to the archiving of signed documents.
Like numerous other companies (Internet service providers and mobile phone network operators in particular), SFR was looking for a solution that would facilitate phasing out paper contracts in order to adopt the exclusive use of “e-contracts”. SFR wished to reduce the paper-related operational costs, yet retain the same legal value. Therefore, it was essential to find an efficient, robust, and trustworthy solution able to guarantee cryptographic proof of deposit and validity in the short, medium and long term, irrespective of any future technological advances within the discipline.

After having carried out a detailed study of the current solutions available on the market, SFR selected Cryptolog’s package, which was initially deployed in two of its central Paris sales outlets: « Espace SFR » on the Champs-Elysées and « Studio SFR » near to Place de la Madeleine. Following a trial period which lasted for several months during which more than ten thousand contracts were signed electronically, SFR has decided to adopt this solution and it will gradually be phased in throughout all its sales outlets. Cryptolog’s service is comprised of a special custom made device into which the contract detail is entered. An electronic version of the contract itself is then displayed on the screen so that the client is able to sign it directly. Cryptolog’s software package then performs all the necessary operations to ensure the legal value of the dematerialised documents.

The solution not only creates the client’s electronic signature but also signs as SFR’s legal entity and provides signature validation, timestamping, and the storage and archiving of digital identities. The client receives a paper version of the contract by post. SFR has entrusted Cryptolog with running the entire service, from client subscriptions to the archiving of electronic proof, as part of a long term partnership with Cryptolog.

“We are tremendously pleased to have been selected by SFR, and very enthusiastic about the prospect of progressively equipping all of its sales outlets with our dematerialisation solutions. This contract reinforces our belief that the expansion of the dematerialisation market is beginning to get under way, and should experience exceptional growth in the years to come,”said Alexandre Stern, President of Cryptolog.

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