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Thanks to an innovative, unique and simple service for the automatic verification of identity documents, Universign secures the electronic signature online and allows one more step towards digital confidence !

Trust is the basis of any contractual relationship, digital or not. If the electronic signature is a vector of this trust, it is important to understand that there is not only one way to sign electronically.

Between a “simple” electronic signature and a “reliable” electronic signature, the difference lies in offering the strongest possible guarantee on the signatory identity.

In the context of a fully digitized and dematerialized contractual relationship, it is essential to be able to guarantee the integrity of the electronic contract, but also to ensure the identity of the signatory. For example under a home insurance contract , a long-term subscription contract or a large purchase order.

To date, the method commonly used for any electronic signature is the sending of a single-use code by SMS on a number collected during the initial contractual act, face to face or online. This may be sufficient to confirm a one-time operation of a small amount. It can not be suitable for a large subscription for example and if there is no face to face during the customer relationship.

In the case of an exclusively digital relationship, today there is no solution offering greater reliability. In most cases, verifying the identity of the signatory is simply not possible and digital players take a significant risk.

Universign offers to drastically reduce this risk thanks to an automatic verification identification pieces functionality. It is possible to achieve a level of reliability which is considerably higher than what exists today and to enable new uses that are entirely digital.

This functionality is reflected in the new eIDAS European regulation, which will enter into force on 1 July 2016.

Indeed, eIDAS introduces two intermediate levels between the single signature (level 1) and the so-called qualified electronic signature (level 4, the highest and most reliable) :

– The advanced signature (level 2), which can be realized without face-to-face,
– The advanced signature with qualified certificate (level 3), with storage of the certificate on a virtual medium.

Thus, the new regulation paves the way for signature solutions in the cloud, and now shifts the stake from the securing of the stamp / certificate to the means of verification of the identity. To meet this challenge, Universign has specifically developed ICARe.

ICARe (Identity Card Automated Recognition) is a tool that allows the automatic verification and extraction of the information present in the identity documents of the signatories, from either a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, by means of a simple photograph of the document.

Present on the Universign platform, ICARe integrates perfectly with the creation process of qualified certificate entering the signature production level 2 and level 3.

It operates in three stages :

– Identification of the “shapes” of the identity document dynamically using device’s camera (tablet and smartphone ..). The algorithms manage the constraining situations (quality of the photos, non-uniform background, non-constant brightness, bad orientation of shooting …)
– Locating the text boxes and the MZR track to extract the data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools, result correction techniques and dictionary bases (French first names, country code , …).
– Consistency check with declared information.

New uses, with confidence

Trust is an essential element in the development of new digital uses, in which companies gain efficiency and productivity. The level of control offered by ICARe is at least equivalent, or even more reliable, thanks to strong automation and the visual control of a piece of identity carried out face to face.

New digital uses are now at hand : opening a bank account, buying a consumer credit, buying a personal insurance or a financial product, buying a car, concluding a seasonal lease.

“With ICARe, together with the Universign electronic signature platform, we have the ambition to enable digital trust to the greatest number, in France and in Europe,” said Julien Stern, President of Universign-Cryptolog. “

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