Webinar – How to increase your online sales by 30% through the electronic signature

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Universign is organizing a webinar on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 11:00 am on “How to increase your online sales by 30% thanks to the electronic signature !”

The challenges of dematerializing exchanges, securing customers’ acquisition processes and increasing the rate of transformation, have never been so strong, in a context where the digital transformation and the uberisation of the economy have profoundly modified the way to approch customers.

Participate to our webinar and discover how the electronic signature gives you a concrete answer to speed up your sales cycles, increase customer conversion, secure your trade and achieve productivity gains at all levels !

Program :

– What is the electronic signature ?
– What does the new eIDAS European regulation said in July 2016 ?
– What about the legal value for contracts signed electronically ? How to guarantee the identity of the signatories ?
– How to implement an electronic signature solution in a multichannel approach ?
– What needs the electronic signature meets ?
– What are the different cases of use ?
– What benefits can be expected ?

Register online in order to participate in a 30-minute, value-added interactive conference to:

– Discover the power of the Universign platform to sign all types of documents, in a quick-wins approach
– Ask all our questions about the electronic signature and its many cases of use,
– Discover the gains and benefits of our customers.

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