Webinar – Electronic signature : the essential link in the dematerialization of HR and administrative documents

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Universign is organizing its second quarterly webinar on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 11:00 am, the focus will be done on “Electronic signature : the essential link in the dematerialization of RH & Administratives”.

“Administrative” and “Human Resources” jobs are the two areas of the company where document dematerialization has the most to bring, due to the complexity of exchanges and relations, the decentralization of organizations and the mass of documents that pass through it on a daily basis.

During this Webinar, discover how the electronic signature brings concrete answers to the HR and Administrative teams in the simplification of their internal procedures, the optimization of the relations between employees, the future collaborators and the employer, the reduction of processing times and the productivity gains.

Program :

– What is electronic signature ?
– What legal value for contracts signed electronically ?
– How to implement an electronic signature solution in its corporate environment ?
– What internal needs does the electronic signature meet ? What are the different uses ?
– What benefits can be expected ?

Intended for the Human Resources, Administrative or Internal Management functions, sign up online to participate in a 30-minute interactive conference to :

– Discover the power of the Universign platform to sign all types of documents, in a quick-wins approach,
– Ask all our questions about the electronic signature and its many cases of use in internal processes,
– Discover the gains and benefits of our customers.

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