Ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic payslips.

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Soft-IT relies on Cryptolog’s technology and launches its solution of dematerialization of payslips, Cyberpaye.

Cryptolog enables IT-Soft to ensure the integrity and authenticity of payslips stored on Cyberpaye.

Since May 12, 2009, he is permitted to replace the paper payslip by an electronic version, subjected to certain conditions (agreement of the employee, data integrity and conservation of a copy for 5 years by the employer). Nevertheless, the paper payslips are still legion, when 50% of the employees are willing to move to electronic format.

In this context as Soft-IT, consulting firm in Human Resources Information Systems, wanted to make available to companies a solution for paperless pay slips : Cyberpaye. Made for all employees and all enterprises, this solution brings real benefits functionally and technically.

Dematerialisation of legally binding documents must be supported by security solutions.And electronic signature is a response to the need for authenticity and integrity of the data. Soft-IT has used the expertise of Cryptolog, publisher of innovative solutions for electronic signature, timestamping and proof management, to ensure the integrity and authenticity of payslips.

Cyberpaye consists of two secure internet portals. The employee portal provides free access, 24/24 and 7 / 7 to the pay slips.


The electronic documents are stored indefinitely and safely. The risk of loss associated with removal, theft, fire or flood are eliminated.

The portal allows the company HR department to archive legally payslips. It saves time in the chain of transmission of payslips: paper, printers, ink, envelopes, postage, transport …

The solution Cyberpaye developed by Soft-IT is a very practical and operational application of integration of electronic signatures in a business process. This solution is user friendly, efficient and reliable, we are very proud to contribute to it. “Said Gautier Harmel, Commercial Director Cryptolog.

Cryptolog has quickly brought to us the most suitable solution for the integration of electronic signatures to our solution. The responsiveness and support we have received has been vital in meeting our deadlines “, said Erwan Nalewajek, CTO Soft-IT

About Soft-IT (www.cyberpaye.com)

Soft-IT was founded in 2006 by three consultants in Human Resources Information Systems, it has participated in the implementation of SAP HR in several major international companies.

In 2010 Soft-IT launched Cyberpaye software, paperless pay slips with real expertise in the fields of payroll, both functionally and technically.

Dematerialization is not a computer project. It reflects a commitment of the Human Resources Department to win the support of employees and social partners.

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