Cryptolog, winner of the Demat’awards

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Cryptolog et SFR, best demonstrated dematerialization project, won the 1rst prize of the Demat’Awards.

Paris, march 25th 2009, on Documation show.


The 1rst prize of the Demat’awards has been attributed to Cryptolog and SFR for their collaborative project of dematerialisation of subscription in points of sales, by an independent jury of experts.

This event was organised for the first time this year by FedISA (Federation de l’ILM, du Stockage et de l’Archivage), in association with Reed Exhibition and Archimag, to reward the best demonstrated projects of dematerialization.

The members of the Jury have been impressed by the innovation and the performance of the project of Cryptolog and SFR.

We are very proud to have won the 1st prize of the Demat’Awards, rewarding the innovation of our suite of solutions for legal dematerialization and the productive collaboration with SFR.

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