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The new Universign platform gives users an extremely simple electronic signature experience, developers full access to its APIs, and companies a server stamp service to electronically stamp their outbound documents.

Paris, 19 June 2013 – Cryptolog, publisher of cutting-edge electronic signature software, is happy to announce the launch of version 6 of its online electronic signature service www.universign.eu.

Universign allows companies and individuals to get their contacts (clients, partners, employees, etc.) to sign all kinds of documents and to add a “Sign” button to their website just like they would add an on-line payment service.

This major change made to Universign makes it significantly easier to use electronic signatures, so as to meet the growing needs of their clients and users.

Julien Stern, CEO and co-founder of Cryptolog said:
« We are very pleased to make this new version of Universign, which is much clearer and more agreeable to use, available to our users. It reflects our will to make access to our trusted services easier and to make electronic signature readily available for every sector and every company »

Thoroughly redesigned Web interface

The new Universign platform clearly distinguishes between content pages and service pages. Once connected, users land on their customised dashboard, where they can see at a glance which signatures are in progress, which signatures have been carried out, their signature consumption over the last few months, weeks or days.

All the services on the platform have been grouped together, making them directly accessible at the same place from this entirely secure space: with just a few clicks, users can create a collection of electronic signatures, timestamp a file, check their statistics, top up and set the parameters of their account or ask customer support a question. The status of open signature collections, remaining signatures and the use of signature packages is also much clearer. Loading times for documents to be signed has also been radically optimised, making the creation phase of signature collections significantly shorter.

A completely dedicated developer zone

This new Universign version has a built-in “Developer Zone“, a space fully dedicated to developers, where they will find all the information they need to build in Universign’s trusted Web Services.

To allow them to simply build electronic signature and timestamping into their applications, this section includes, amongst others, quick start guides, full technical documentation and code examples in the main languages on the market (PHP, Java, Python, etc.)

Corporate signature available on-line

ersion 6 of Universign also offers corporate signature with its server timestamp service.

Server timestamps let companies sign all kinds of outbound documents in their name. It is like an “electronic corporate stamp” and has many uses such as signing invoices, quotes, order forms, contracts and pay slips.

After incorporating the server timestamp API, users of the service can then automatically or manually trigger their company’s stamp on their digital documents.

« Once again, we have listened to our clients and users in order to make electronic signature accessible to all. “But,” said Bertrand Braux, Product Marketing Manager for Universign,”over and above changes to graphics and ergonomics, this version is the indispensable base for integrating the major disruptive functionalities that will be introduced over the next few months »


This new version is available now at www.universign.eu.

After opening an account, each user receives a welcome pack with 5 electronic signatures and 5 timestamps to try the service out free of charge.

About electronic signature

Electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the signed document, the identity of the signatory and the non-repudiation of the signed document by the signatory. Electronic signatures are to digital documents what hand signatures are to paper documents: under decree no. 2001-272 dated 30 March 2001, they can have the same legal value as hand signatures.

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Bérengère Deleage et Julie Gardereau
E-mails : cryptolog@lewispr.com
Phone : +33 (0)1 55 31 98 04

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