Cryptolog & GrIDsure join forces

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Cryptolog & GrIDsure join forces to provide secure digital signature solutions for banks and large companies

Cryptolog, European supplier of digital signature solutions has signed a partnership agreement with GrIDsure, developer of a revolutionary approach to authentication to propose a complete package including the GrIDsure authentication solution.

Cryptolog Unicity is a server-based solution that allows banks & large companies to benefit from the legally valid digital signatures which can replace handwritten signatures on contracts and transactions. When combined with the innovative grid-based  authentication solution from GrIDsure, Unicity enables the customer to provide a complete remote authentication solution for the signature of any legal contract without the cost of paper-based documents or deployment of tokens.
With GrIDsure, users create a new style ‘shared secret’ by selecting squares on a grid to
form a pattern, such as an ‘L’ or a ‘tick’. The sequence and position of the chosen squares is registered and becomes the users PIP (Personal Identification Pattern). When presented with a numbered grid, the user simply selects the numbers from the squares which correspond to their pattern, thus creating a PIN number or passcode for that transaction.
The next time a challenge grid appears, the numbers will be different, but the user’s pattern remains the same.
« The combination of Unicity and GrIDsure enables our customers to sign contracts online or in branch without paper & benefit from the highly secure technology from both software suppliers », said Alexander Stern, CEO Cryptolog.
« Our partnership with Cryptolog brings to the European market a strong combination to
enable easy authentication with minimum deployment cost
», added Stephen Howes, CEO GrIDsure.

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