Over 30% of growth rate in 2008

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A successful year for new contracts and strategic partnerships as well as the launch of Cryptolog’s flagship product: PERENNITY.


Cryptolog is pleased to announce a growth in revenue of more than 30% during 2008. Last year was marked by the signing of important contracts with key players from the banking and mobile telephone sectors and other French and European institutions.

Our solutions address all decision makers who realise that implementing a  dematerialisation infrastructure which also ensures evidential value not only reduces their operational costs but also speeds up legal decision making processes. We are convinced that 2009 will be the year of legally valid paperless procedures. The recent introduction of the “Plan Besson” in France which, like the interim Digital Britain report in the UK, sets out the framework for France’s digital future, bears witness to this trend.
Such a promising start in terms of both technological innovation and commercial activity
means that Cryptolog is able to tackle 2009 with enthusiasm. Indeed, with its established
solutions and its effective approach, the company is well on the way to becoming the service provider of choice for industry, the service sector and all businesses with a document dematerialisation project.
As a company created with an international outlook, Cryptolog has developed its activity
overseas thanks to strategic partners and high profile institutional clients. In addition to
participating in round tables, conferences and trade shows both at home and abroad, the co-founders are regularly present on scientific boards dedicated to standardisation.

A strategic client

The French mobile phone operator SFR chose to deploy Cryptolog’s dematerialisation and certified electronic archiving solutions to manage their retail customers’ “e-contracts” in their sales outlets. By using Cryptolog’s technology, SFR was able to reduce its paper-related operational costs yet retain the same legal value for its documents. It was essential to find a solution that would enable contracts to be consulted at any time and retain permanent validity, even decades later.

A high valuable partnership

A partnership agreement with Adobe has enabled Cryptolog to provide technology permitting the advanced electronic signature of documents. End users of Cryptolog’s solutions now benefit from both enveloped and enveloping signatures for their PDF documents. Therefore the signatory can be identified, and these PDF documents will now enjoy the same legal value as hand-signed paper documents. Cryptolog are delighted to be been able to collaborate with Adobe on dematerialisation projects as nowadays it is essential to offer corporate users, who make widespread use of the PDF format, enduring validity for all their documents.

Perennity, the innovative archiving solution

Cryptolog’s unique solution “Perennity”, can archive documents and ensure their evidential value over long timescales, enabling them to be retrieved at any time – even if the original signature algorithms cannot be relied on. Archived Items are constantly protected to keep abreast of advances in cryptography or to anticipate the end of technological life-cycles.
Perennity allows archived items to be retrieved, even after 10, 50 or 100 years, and
guarantees cryptographic proof of deposit and authenticity.
Perennity offers business users an encryption archiving solution with full evidential value,
without the need to rely on, or trust, a third party. Electronic signatures are not simply stored and retained, but preserved for long periods so that they can be double-checked at any given time.
Cryptolog’s solutions bring real added-value to the classic practice of dematerialisation,
rendering the concept complete by decorrelating traditional archiving and evidential value
over time.

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