Universign commits to the side of Adobe for the creation of an open standard of a “cloud”signature

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With the entry into force of the eIDAS regulation as of 1 July 2016, Universign is participating alongside Adobe in the creation of the Cloud Signature Consortium. Twelve European leaders, trusted digital operators, industrialists and academics, are meeting around a common goal of creating an open standard of signature in the cloud.

The eIDAS regulation aims to create a single market for digital exchanges. This regulation broadens the basis laid down by Directive 1999/93 / EC for all services of trust and deepens the definition of the electronic signature by establishing three levels of signatures: simple, advanced and qualified.

The eIDAS regulation also enshrines the possibility of remotely creating an advanced or qualified signature. The operation must be done under several conditions :

– the exclusive control of the signatory
– without the latter having physically the technical means to generate his signature
– to locally secure his signature certificate (token key or smart card).

The legal innovation introduced by eIDAS paves the way for a global adoption of the “remotely” electronic signature or manage in the cloud : everyone can now sign wherever he is and regardless of his mode of connection to the Internet.

The need for an interoperable standard

The standard required by the Cloud Signature Consortium will be decisive for deepening the digital transformation of companies by giving everyone wide access to a secure electronic signature via a multitude of Internet applications and using any type of mobile or web equipment.

Initiated in the European context within the framework of eIDAS, the consortium aims to build a global network of industrial contributors. It plans to publish new specifications by the end of 2016, followed quickly by a first implementation.

His creation is inspired by the need to meet the highest requirements of the European Union Regulation on the identification and Confidence-Building Services (eIDAS), with the aim of having a more global role due to the growing demand to secure digital solutions.

Cloud Signature Consortium

Le Cloud Signature Consortium gathered around d’Adobe 12 founding members, remote signing solution providers, digital trusted operators, academics or safety-oriented organizations :

  • Asseco Data Systems (Poland)
  • Bundesdruckerei / D-Trust (Germany)
  • Cryptolog / Universign (France)
  • Docapost / Certinomis (France)
  • InfoCert (Italy)
  • Intarsys Consulting (Germany)
  • Intesi Group (Italy)
  • Izenpe (Spain)
  • Safelayer (Spain)
  • SwissSign (Switzerland)
  • Graz University of technology (Austria)
  • Unibridge (Norway)

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